#OTD in 1993 – Warrington Bomb Attacks: after a telephoned warning, the PIRA exploded two bombs in Warrington, Cheshire, England.

The Warrington bombings were two separate bomb attacks that took place during early 1993 in Warrington, England. The first attack happened on 26 February, when a bomb exploded at a gas storage facility. It caused extensive damage but no injuries. While fleeing the scene, the bombers shot and injured a police officer and two of […]

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#OTD in Irish History – 20 March:

1761 – Robert Simms, a founder of the United Irishmen and proprietor of the Northern Star, is born. 1780 – Miles Byrne, United Irishman and officer in Napoleon’s Irish Legion, is born in Monaseed, Co. Wexford. 1856 – Birth of Sir John Lavery, an Irish painter best known for his portraits. 1875 – Death of […]

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