1861 – The 10th Tennessee Infantry Regiment enters Confederate service in the American Civil War.

Company D was known as the ‘Rebel Sons of Erin’ because so many of them were Irish. Indeed, the roster of Company D reads like any small town in a 19th century Irish village (every surname was Irish). Source TenthTennessee.org Song of the Irish Brigade (Confederate): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWB7_o6x6DA While the Fighting 69th on the Union side […]

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1861 – The American Civil War begins; 150,000 Irishmen will serve with the Union forces, and 40,000 with the Confederacy.

American Civil War begins, a war that would not only pit American against American but also Irish against Irish. An estimated 150,000 Irish fought on the Union side while about 40,000 fought for the confederacy. While the majority fought with the Union, many Irish had a strong antipathy to a northern culture which they perceived […]

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1997 – Death of Lilly Kempson, aged 99, the last surviving participant in the Easter Rising.

“Tell Mom I’m off to America” The story of Lily Kempson and her fight for freedom By Laura Friel There were no cheering crowds. No relatives to weep and wave. No friends to bid a fond farewell. Elizabeth Ann `Lily’ Kempson, a 19-year-old unemployed factory worker from Dublin, stood alone on Liverpool docks about to […]

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