1922 – In reprisal for Anti-Treaty IRA executions, Liam Lynch, Anti-Treaty IRA Commander, issues a general order to his forces to kill members of the Dáil (T.D.s) and senators who had voted for the Emergency Powers legislation. He also orders the killing of hostile judges and newspaper editors.

In response to the executions, on 30 November, Liam Lynch, Chief of Staff of the Anti-Treaty IRA, ordered that any member of Parliament (TD) or senator who had signed or voted for the “murder bill” should be shot on sight. He also ordered the killing of hostile judges and newspaper editors. On the same day, […]

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1922 – The Irish Free State begins the executions of seventy-seven Anti-Treaty Republican prisoners.

In the first use of the powers enacted under the Public Safety Act, five Anti-Treaty IRA fighters who had been captured with arms in Co Wicklow were shot by firing squad in Dublin. On 19 November, three more Anti-Treaty IRA men were executed, also in Dublin. On 24 November, Robert Erskine Childers, an acclaimed author […]

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