1916 – Roger Casement, Irish patriot, is hanged by the English in Pentonville Prison, London. He was the last to be executed as a result of the Easter Rebellion.

“Self government is our right, a thing born to us at birth. A thing no more to be doled out to us by another people than the right to life itself; than the right to feel the sun or smell the flowers or to love our kind.” –Sir Roger Casement Roger Casement is executed for […]

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Today in Irish History – 10th February:

1800 – The House of Lords votes for the Act of Union which sees Ireland lose its own parliament, direct rule is imposed on Ireland and “the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland” is created. 1844 – Daniel O’Connell is convicted of “conspiracy,” fined and sentenced to 12 months in prison. 1889 – Richard […]

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