Today in Irish History – 21 September:

1170 – Diarmait Mac Murchada and the Normans march on the Norse kingdom of Dublin, avoiding an Irish force that awaits them to the south of it. Dublin falls to them on this date. Some Norsemen, including the king of Dublin, Askulv, flee to the Hebrides or the Isle of Man. 1601 – A Spanish […]

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‘Whiteboys’ and ‘Defenders’

During the eighteenth century, agrarian rebels formed themselves into secret societies. They went by the names of ‘Whiteboys’, ‘Oak Boys’, ‘Rockites’, ‘Ribbonmen’, ‘Defenders’ and such like. Grievances such as evictions or ill-treatment of tenants by landlords and agents, and land-grabbing (taking the holding of an evicted tenant) were punished by violent methods. There were killings […]

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