I’ll just take the hangover… Cheers!

According to Irish folklore, it was said that the cure for a hangover was to bury the ailing person up to the neck in moist river sand. This could have the same effect as a cold shower. It’ll wake you up and get the blood pumping, but there’s not much medical evidence that it cures […]

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“The “good” and the “bad” people – supernatural powers ever present to bless or to harm, were very real to the Irish peasant.

In Connemara it was believed that the “bad” people run away with little boys but not with girls, so boys were dressed in petticoats to deceive them until they were of age to protect themselves.” Petticoats, may protect him from wicked fairies, but they cannot conceal the masculine character of this stern-faced Connemara boy escorting […]

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