1998 – Bridget Dirrane, who was imprisoned with Kevin Barry and who canvassed for John F. Kennedy in the United States, celebrates her 104th birthday with news that she is to be featured in the new edition of the Guinness Book of Records.

‘My legacy won’t be riches. What I will leave is the sunshine to the flowers, honey to the bees, the moon above in the heavens for all those in love, and my beloved Aran Islands to the seas. –Bridget Dirrane Bridget Dirrane who died on New Years Eve 2003 at the age of 109, was […]

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Today in Irish History – 5th February:

1811 – Maurice Lenihan, journalist and historian, is born in Waterford. 1820 – Death of William Drennan; physician, poet, educator and political radical, he was one of the chief architects of the Society of United Irishmen. He is also known as the first to refer in print to Ireland as “the Emerald Isle”. Burial takes […]

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