Today in Irish History – 28 August:

1710 – A board of trustees for linen manufacture is established. 1788 – Sir Aubrey de Vere, poet, is born in Adare, Co. Limerick. 1788 – James Digges La Touche, banker and philanthropist, is born in Dublin. 1798 – Cornwallis reaches Athlone; Humbert entrenches in Castlebar. 1814 – Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, novelist and journalist, […]

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Today in Irish History – 22nd March:

Feast Day of Saint Darerca of Ireland, sister of Saint Patrick. 1686 – With the return of a Catholic monarchy – James II – payments to the Catholic hierarchy are authorized; Catholics are appointed to government positions; replacement of Protestant by Catholic soldiers intensifies. 1768 – Melasina Trench, writer, is born in Dublin. 1829 – […]

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1172 – The Synod of Cashel: the Bishops of Ireland, under duress, pledge allegiance to Henry II of England.

The Synod of Cashel of 1172, also known as the Second Synod of Cashel, was assembled at Cashel at the request of Henry II of England shortly after his arrival in Ireland in October 1171. The Synod sought to regulate some affairs of the Church in Ireland and to condemn some abuses, bringing the Church […]

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