Today in Irish History – 1st July:

1681 – Despite witnesses against him being discredited, Oliver Plunkett is hanged, drawn and quartered in London. 1690 – Battle of the Boyne: the Jacobite forces (Irish, French, Germans and Walloons) are defeated by the Williamites (Irish, English, Dutch, Germans and Danes). The Williamite victory, being seen as a defeat for Louis XIV, is welcomed […]

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Today in Irish History – 12th April:

1654 – The Ordinance of Union comes into effect, uniting Ireland and Scotland with England. 1816 – Sir Charles Gavan Duffy is born in Co. Monaghan. He is self-educated as a journalist and founds the Nation, a nationalist weekly journal with Thomas Davis and John Dillon in 1842; ultimately, he emigrates to Australia and while […]

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