Today in Irish History – 10th May:

1318- Richard de Clare, while defending his protégé Mahon O’Brien, is defeated and killed by Murrough O’Brien at Dysert O’Dea. De Clare’s heir is a minor; Norman-Irish power in Thomond is thus undermined. 1603 – In the revolt of the towns, or recusancy revolt, Catholic worship is re-established in Kilkenny and the main Munster towns […]

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#OTD in Irish History – 10 March:

1478 – John De La Pole, the Duke of Suffolk, is appointed lieutenant of Ireland for 20 years on this date, but does not take office. 1653 – Sir Phelim O’Neill is executed by Parliament forces in Dublin, after refusing to state that Charles I authorized the 1641 rebellion. 1807 – Birth of James Fintan […]

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