Boyeeghter Bay | Murder Hole Beach

One of Ireland’s most beautiful and pristine bays is on the Rosguill Peninsula – Boyeeghter Bay. At high tide you will find two sandy beaches, which grow together to one big beach when the tide is out. The roaring Atlantic Ocean has gnawed bizarre cuts and a cave into the cliff faces along the bay. The wild waters may also be responsible for the bay’s nickname – ‘The Murder Hole’.

The beach may have got its name from legend. When Fionn mac Cumhaill killed Goll Mac Morna in revenge for killing his father, it was said to have taken place at a rock, Carraic Ghoill, lying off the townland of Dooey. This gave the name to the entire headland, Headland of Goll or Rossgoill and possibly is also how this beautiful, peaceful beach ended up with such a violent name.

Featured Image | Boyeeghter and Tra Na Rossan Bay

Boyeeghter Bay | Murder Hole Beach | Rosguill Peninsula, Downings, Co Donegal | Gareth Wray Photography

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