#OTD in 1916 – Roger Casement leaves Munich for the last time and meets Robert Monteith in Berlin and tells him that he had decided not to take the men to Ireland.

He has meetings with both the Admiralty and the General Staff to try to get his plan accepted. Casements feels that the Germans tried to blackmail him, by saying unless he took all the men to Ireland with the 20,000 rifles, then the rifles would not go either and further the Irish-Americans would be told that it was Casement’s fault that the guns were not going. Casement felt that whichever decision he made would have dire consequences, but opted for the safety of the Irish Brigade members, and refused to take them to Ireland. He said either they accept his original plan for three men including him, in a submarine to go ahead and organise the landing of arms, or if the Germans will not send a submarine, he would go alone in a surface boat carrying the guns.

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