#OTD in 1921 – In an extremely hostile environment over the Treaty debate, Michael Collins smells some dirty work and addresses the House.

MR. MICHAEL COLLINS: Mr. Speaker, there is just a little matter to which I would like to refer before anything else is said. It is this. My private office was raided last night and important books and documents were taken. Is there any member here who accepts responsibility for that raid?

PRESIDENT DE VALERA: As head of the Government here I must say I know nothing whatever about any such raid.

MR. CATHAL BRUGHA: And as the head of the army I also say that I know nothing whatever about it. That is the first I heard about it.

MR. AUSTIN STACK: As the head of the Home Affairs Department I say that I do not believe it necessary to answer any such question, because we would not stoop to such low tactics.

MR. P. O’KEEFFE: We are the Government of the country and we are responsible for order in this country. I do not see what we are meeting here in view of the threats from Cork. I did not get that threat. It is immaterial to me whether I did or not, and I now move the adjournment of this House until such time as the books are restored to the office, and our police find the robbers.

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