#OTD – In the Liturgical calendar, today is the Feast Day of Blessed Dominic Collins.

An Irish martyr and Jesuit brother, Dominic joined the Jesuits in Santiago de Compostela and was sent back to Ireland in 1601. But he was captured and put to death in Youghal, Co Cork for his faith. When the Desmond Rebellion was put down in Munster, in 1583, Dominic Collins of Youghal became a professional soldier in the Catholic armies of Europe. Ten years later he joined the Jesuits in Santiago de Compostela. Sent back to Ireland in 1601 as a companion to Fr James Archer SJ with the Spaniards going to Kinsale, he was eventually captured and put to death for his faith.

Blessed Dominic Collins was born in Youghal, Co Cork in 1566. His family was one of the leading families in the town. Dominic left Ireland for France and had nine years in the military; he became a captain and a military Governor. He then went to Spain and met Fr White, a Jesuit Priest who inspired Dominic to become a Jesuit brother. It was as a Jesuit brother that he returned to Ireland in the Battle of Kinsale. Dominic was captured by the English army and imprisoned. He was threatened, cajoled and offered treasures if he would renounce his faith. His family was brought to him to persuade him to renounce his faith and to go against his conscience; even to ‘pretend’ to do so. Dominic refused and on the 31st October 1602 he was executed in his home town of Youghal. An English officer who witnessed his death said; “He is going to his death as eagerly as I would go to a banquet.” Dominic, it is told replied; “For this cause I would be willing to die not once but a thousand deaths.” He was Beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1997 along with 16 other Irish Martyrs.

Stained glass window depicting Collins | Church of the Holy Family, Youghal, Co Cork

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