Asenath Nicholson

Jerry Mulvihill | “It was an honor today to see the headstone I commissioned for Asenath Nicholson in its final setting in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York. Asenath traveled to Ireland on the cusp of the Great Hunger and spent years keeping diaries of the malevolent going’s on of the time. She Saved countless lives, condemned the landlords and government and comforted the poor. She was buried with a wealthy family of whom she was a live in nanny but exhumed 7 years later and buried in an unmarked grave. Today a headstone marks her resting Place. I have placed a Google map Pin under ‘Asenath Nicholson Grave’ for those who wish to visit. RIP. her diaries have greatly influenced my book ‘The Truth Behind The Irish Famine’ 72 paintings, 472 eyewitness quotess.

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