#OTD in 1798 – United Irishman, Bartholomew Teeling, is hanged in Dublin.

Captain Bartholomew Teeling was born in 1774 in Lisburn, Co Antrim. He was a leader of the Irish forces during the Irish Rebellion of 1798 and carried out an act of bravery during the Battle of Collooney.

Following his capture at the Battle of Ballinamuck where an Irish-French army under General Humbert was defeated by the British, Teeling was tried by court-martial at the Royal Barracks, Dublin, and made an able and manly defence, but was sentenced to death, and executed at Arbour Hill. Ballinamuck proved to be the end of French efforts to overthrow English rule in Ireland. The captured French troops were repatriated to France, but a large number of Irish rebels were hanged including Matthew Tone, brother of Wolfe Tone.

Image | Monument in Sligo to Ulster-born United Irishman Bartholomew Teeling | Credit: Don MacRaild


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