Darby’s Bed | Snugborough, Co Limerick

Darby’s Bed (also known as Duntryleague Passage Tomb), is the remains of a passage tomb, situated near the summit of a steep hill just outside the village of Galbally in Co Limerick.

The tomb probably dates to around 3000BC, and was once covered by a stone cairn or earthen mound. All that remains visible today are large upright stones known as orthostats that once lined the passageway and the capped chamber of the passage tomb. The entrance to the tomb faces north-west, possibly in alignment with the sunset at midsummer. Though the planted forest obscures much of the view, it is clear that this tomb once had spectacular views over the landscape.

It’s unknown who lies within the Neolithic tomb. One local tale claims it’s the final resting place of Oilill Olum, King of Munster, though this legendary ruler is believed to have lived in the third century CE.

The Neolithic tomb is steeped with legends and folklore, and the tragic lovers Diarmuid and Gráinne are said to have sheltered for a night inside this tomb when they were fleeing Fionn Mac Cumhaill.

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