Seefin Passage Tomb | Kilbride, Co Wicklow

The Seefin Passage Tomb is located on a hilltop 1,700 feet above sea level and dates to somewhere between 3300 to 3000 b.c. The tomb’s name in Irish ‘Suidh Fhionn’ translates to ‘The Seat of Fionn’ and it gets mentioned in ancient stories as the entrances to the otherworld and the home of the Gods. It has also been symbolized as the belly of a pregnant woman where the passage is the birth passage and the chamber is the womb. To build this structure at this elevation today would be an incredible feat of engineering never mind 5000 years ago. The tomb has two decorated stones at the entrance that have faint megalithic artwork on them and a 30 ft long passageway that leads to 5 compartments. It measures 75 ft in diameter, is nearly 18 ft high and this is only one of what appears to be a series of tombs built at a similar altitude along the top of these mountains. One theory why locations like these were chosen is that the original builders could claim ownership of all they could see by placing their ancestors far above the lands.

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