Pul na Sean Tinne | Hole of the Old Fire

Pul na Sean Tinne, often referred to as a Blowhole, is an area of Downpatrick Head that provides visitors a clear view of the fault line which exists in rock formation. The softer rock has been eroded by the constant action of the waves and is evident at three locations where erosion has worked its way to the surface.

Pul na Sean Tinne is the largest area of collapse and has been recently developed to allow visitors a closer and safer viewing experience.

During stormy weather and rough seas the hole has been seen to expel foam and vapour, giving the appearance from a distance, of smoke rising from a fire, ​hence the name ‘Pul na Sean Tinne’ translating to ‘Hole of the old fire’.

Pul na Sean Tinne was the scene of a tragic loss of life of rebels who had joined the French in Killala in 1798 and who were hiding out on ledges at sea level when the English were rounding up participants after surrender by the French.

The visually brutal high protective metal fence around Pul na Sean Tinne, an effective barrier, however, a proposal to replace it with a more visually appropriate but still equally protective barrier within an encasing earthwork outside a perimeter walkway is to be welcomed. The structure will fit with the character of the headland while providing an opportunity to commemorate and honour the numerous strands of natural and human history with which the headland is so richly endowed.

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