The Connemara Giant | Recess, Co Galway

Created by Joyce’s Craft Shop ‘for no apparent reason’, The Connemara Giant is Ireland’s only late 20th century antiquity. The name Connemara derives from ‘Conn Son of the Sea.’ An interesting feature of the monument is the local tale that states if you touch the giants hand (the one holding the stone), you will be blessed with the knowledge of his ancient tribe. This tradition is colloquially known as touching the hand of knowledge. And to this day local school kids will touch the hand to give them luck before an exam.
The Conmhaícne (descendants of Conn Mhac) were an ancient tribal grouping that were divided into a number of distinct branches that were found scattered around Ireland in the early medieval period. They take their name from a mythical ancestor known as Con Mhac ‘hound son.’

To the rear of the Connemara Giant, there is a monument that was erected in the 1960’s. It is a sculpture of bookends with a book at its centre. It is made from cast concrete faced with Connemara Green Marble. At the base of this statue is a recreation of a marble fireplace.

The Connemara Giant was designed and made by local artist Mark Joyce. It is made from cast concrete and was constructed from a breakaway mould.

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