Devenish-Damhinis | The Isle of Oxen

Under St Molaise, this isle once held one of the greatest monastic scholars, the peer of Columbia.

The monks of Devenish were of a reform order known as Culdees (Céilí Dé), Companions of God. Lough Erne bursts with legend, with its own banshee and ghosts.

Most prominent of the tales is that of the prophet, Jeremiah, who fled Jerusalem to be shipwrecked on Ireland’s shores, and was found by Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Fionn was taught the ancient Hebrew law of the Torah. Tara, site of the home of the High Kings, allegedly comes from the word “Torah.” Jeremiah is said to be buried on Devenish.

Image | Ruins of Oratory of St Molaise Abbey, Devenish Island, Co Fermanagh

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