The Sunburst of Ireland | Fenian Republican Rebel Print

In the centre, Erin is holding an Irish flag with an Irish wolfhound by her side. Along the sides, you can see portraits of great Irish heroes: Daniel O’Connell, ‘The Liberator’; John P. Curran, a Protestant lawyer and politician; Henry Grattan, politician who opposed the Act of Union; Fr Matthew, the Temperance priest; Colonel Thomas F. Burke, Martyr; Robert Emmet, Irish patriot. Along the bottom, there are pictures of three scenes from Irish history, commemorating The Fenians of Old; The Battle of Clontarf and The Fenians of 1866. This poster references the Sunburst Flag, first thought to have been used in 1858 by the Irish Republican Brotherhood. The sunburst flag is still used today, by both republican groups and the Irish language group Conradh na Gaeilge.

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