‘The Plantation of Ulster’ © Aine Kelly 2016. All Rights Reserved.

‘The Plantation of Ulster’
© Aine Kelly 2016. All Rights Reserved.

We stood and watched the ships as they sailed into the bay, little realising that they’d come to enslave us and take our homes and lands away.

I held my newborn baby tight, and stood in defiance of that fearsome sight, little knowing that by night he’d be lying in the clay.

They came in their hundreds, they flung us on the roads and gave our homes and land to their people who swiftly became our cruel foes.

They made us pay a high price for what was our very own, treating us like vermin in our own countryside to roam.

Our brave men and women fought hard for our fourth green field, but they met with a cruel foe and died fighting against this evil deed.

We must never forget them as they still lie in restless sleep, we will one day free our land, and it will be their heritage once more, all of us Irish will work to even up the score.

A thousand years may thunder past since this terrible deed was done, but can’t the thieves understand, no victory have they won.

The judge who has the final say, will balance the scales of justice one day, and return to us the precious things of which our balladeers proudly still sing.

We were murdered and despised, by an enemy who didn’t care, who took our homes, our sons and daughters and planted total strangers there.

But cruel foes remember… until our day has finally come, we will never surrender despite your armoured tanks and guns.

We Irish are tenacious and we will never ever lie down, not whilst a part of us is forced to wear a foreign crown.

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