‘The Blame’ © Joe Canning 2020. All Rights Reserved.

[Appeal for Common Sense]
‘The Blame’
© Joe Canning 2020. All Rights Reserved.
I went to see my mum today,
I went to see my dad,
I had a quiet word with them,
About these times so sad,
I saw a crowd of children,
All gathered down the field,
Oblivious to what they might spread,
Infecting every street.
I asked my folks a favour,
As they sit by Gods right hand,
To guide us and protect us
From this curse that sweeps the land,
And as I watched the young ones laugh,
And go about their play,
I thought about the innocents,
For that laughter who would pay.
I thought about their parents,
No doubt they love them dear,
But thought of their insanity
By not keeping them near.
At times like this in sweet God’s name,
What are they thinking of,
To let them run and congregate,
And maybe carnage cause?
Is it because they just don’t care,
Or just ignorant of their deeds,
To abet in spreading pestilence,
In the town’s bewildered streets,
To turn them into messengers,
That kills their feeble gran,
And decimate the place we love,
Their mums, their dads, their clan.
Children will be children, yes;
With lack of common sense,
But parents you will carry blame,
When comes the germ of death,
Because of your uncaring will,
To minimise the threat,
Until this curse is banished,
Please parents, do your best.
I went to see my mum today,
I went to see my dad,
In their quiet little resting place,
Just off the Melmount road,
And as I wandered quietly home,
Convinced this world’s insane,
I thought, ‘just keep your kids at home’
For you’ll surely share the blame.

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