Roger Casement’s Last Dying Wish

Roger Casement’s last dying wish to be buried at Murlough Bay, Co Antrim, would never happen due to Unionist opposition, however, a sod of turf was removed from Murlough (the resting place of St Maloge) and placed in his coffin when he was re-interred in Glasnevin Cemetery.

A Celtic Cross memorial constructed in 1929 was placed on the headland of Murlough Bay dedicated to Roger Casement and other members of the republican movement in the early twentieth century. Regular pilgrimages took place on the anniversary of his execution, to which the local authorities turned a blind eye, until the IRA Border Campaign of the 1950s. At this time, fires were set at night near the Monument as a gesture of defiance,

The Roger Casement memorial was blown up in 1956 by British forces and pro-British elements; apparently due to an attack by the IRA on a nearby military installation.

Image | Roger Casement Memorial, Murlough Bay, Co Antrim, c. 1955

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