‘Auntie Lizzie’s Bucket’ © Joe Canning 2019. All Rights Reserved.

Auntie Lizzie’s bucket sat on Auntie Lizzie’s table,
On a tablecloth of painted garden flowers.
Auntie Lizzie’s bucket had a wire handle on it,
Connected to the bucket’s upright ears.
Semi circled like a rainbow it reached from end to end,
With a little wooden handle on the top,
Auntie Lizzie’s bucket cost my uncle two and sixpence,
When he bought it down in Charlie Russell’s shop.

Auntie Lizzie’s bucket was made of aluminum,
It wore a pure snow while enamel suit.
And Auntie Lizzie’s bucket had a chip or two upon it,
That was caused by a rubbing ‘against the carrying hoop.’
It had a repairs in it’s bottom, for it leaked from time to time,
Till the tinker man came calling to her door,
And with a little aluminum and a little piece of cork,
He ensured that Lizzie’s bucket leaked no more.

Auntie Lizzie’s bucket had a saucepan by the side,
A little one she used for boiling eggs,
It served as drinking vessel for she never gave us cups,
When we came in on little tired legs.
Auntie Lizzie’s bucket was full of spring clear water
That Uncle George brought from Robert Gourley’s spout,
Auntie Lizzie’s bucket cooled us down when we drank from it,
Then she gave us all a scone and chased us out.

Auntie Lizzie’s bucket sat on Auntie Lizzie’s table,
And as years went by her wrinkles multiplied,
Auntie Lizzie’s bucket sat on Auntie Lizzie’s table,
And there for years it sat until she died,
And in Auntie Lizzie’s garden now there sits upon a rock,
Displaying pansies, buttercups and rockets,
The legacy of Auntie Lizzie long long passed away,
Still pleasing folk is Auntie Lizzie’s bucket.

(In memory of an old lady I can barely remember… Elizabeth Devenney)

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