Parke’s Castle, Co Leitrim

Parke’s Castle is a plantation fort, picturesquely situated on the shores of Lough Gill, erected by Captain Robert Parke in the early 17th century and elegantly restored in the late 20th century by the OPW. A moated tower house once stood to the home of the Irish chieftain, Brian O’Rourke, who in 1588 was charged with high treason after sheltering Francesco de Cuellar, one of the few survivors of the Armada ships wrecked off the Sligo coast. O’Rourke was hanged at Tyburn in 1591 and his lands confiscated, later being distributed to the Leitrim planters, whose number included Parke. 

Reconstructed inside are some of the features of the inner courtyard, such as a blacksmith’s forge, a well and a water gate. The window glazing was reinstated, and local artisans restored the timber stair and the mortise and tenon oak roof, using techniques of the 17th century.

Images by Mac Creative Photography

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