‘A Walk Among Snowdrops’ © Joe Canning 2019. All Rights Reserved.

‘A Walk Among Snowdrops’
© Joe Canning 2019. All Rights Reserved.
My warm breath creates a brief mist,
The crisp fallen leaf and twig crackles underfoot.
My heavy boots rustle the natural compost.
The earthen floor is soft, cushioning, comforting.
The alert squirrel darts through the carpet,
Retreating to the safety of the bough at my sighting.
Watching from his vantage point he ignores me.
Only the caw of the unseen crow disturbs the silence.
The watchful rabbit pricks his erect ears,
Scurries at my approach before he too seeks sanctuary.
The moth rises to chase the golden beam,
Flutters to greet the invasion of warming rays.
This little patch of my green land is at peace.
How grand ‘twould be if the world followed suit.
If humanity ceased it’s roaring and biting,
It’s screaming and shouting, it’s loathing and fighting
Here, the abundant snowdrop dots the scene,
In green and white glory it bows it’s gentle head.
My little friends reap their existence in freedom,
They know not that I waste my time hoping.
I sip from my flask a little shot of Illegal,
I savour the product of the outlawed still.
I smile, recalling tales of the dreaded excise man,
He that would have me before the wig for my libation.
Tall Croaghan, towers in the distance as I emerge,
Ancient Lords rest it is said, beneath her summit.
I savour the solace I found in the arms of nature,
My fears alleviated, if only for a short while.
I will come again tomorrow if providence spares me,
Dally at my leisure in this little patch of Erin.
Escape the humdrum that mars a peaceful day.
Find consolation in my walk among snowdrops.

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