‘Untitled For Christmas’ © Joe Canning 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Untitled For Christmas’
© Joe Canning 2018. All Rights Reserved.
Warm is my breath as it comforts my hands,
Soft plays the hymn from ‘The Salvation Band’,
My thoughts they do stray to my friends far away,
They, that left this old country behind.
For want of a penny and a fortune to earn
To send something home and to someday return,
To put bread on the plates of the old and infirm,
And be glad in their hearts that they done so.
It’s true that for many, their hopes and their dreams,
Brought happiness, richness, as gold from the streams,
Content with their lot that was grafted for; earned,
And for life may those blessings continue.
Alas! there are many that fell by the way,
Whose wild aspirations did crumble like clay,
Their home is the street that they walk every day,
As they struggle to flee from the gutter.
Which brings me my friends, to this time of good cheer,
Of ‘God bless you!”, Good tidings! and Happy New Year!
And to back slapping fellows who haven’t a care,
For the plight of a fallen down neighbour.
For those lost in the doorways, beneath the arched bridge,
In bed sheets of cardboard that turn to a fridge,
And the one friend they have that’s embraced their arms,
The collie or terrier, keeping them warm.
So I ask you my friends, that if on your way home,
You come across someone that’s starved for a crumb,
A dollar or pound for the hand of the numb,
Could be saving a life, so don’t walk by.
A hot cup of soup or a bag of French fries,
Or a bed in your shed till the hard times pass by,
Or a hand on their shoulder that shows that you care,
For it could well be you that lies there in despair.
So may loving and kindness bring warmth to your lives,
May all you encounter bring laughter and smiles,
And may each day that passes be troublesome free,
And that’s where I’ll end, Merry Christmas from Me.
(Be kind to the homeless this Christmas. Thank you.)
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Image | Ha’Penny Bridge, Dublin | Credit: Irish Examiner

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