‘Remembering Absent Friends’ © Joe Canning 2018. All Rights Reserved. 

‘Remembering Absent Friends’
© Joe Canning 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Joe Canning ‘ A look at Ireland in verse’

I remember Mama saying, that there’s whispers in the trees,
That there’s love in many places, if we’d only look and see,
That there’s little signs of comfort, that can ease a hurting pain,
That there’s truth in that old saying… ‘Until we meet again’.

I remember Papa saying, there’s a place where all are free,
That an Angel stands beside you, just as one stands beside me,
That goodbyes are not forever and that we should read the signs,
And the stars that twinkle brightly are just friends all looking down.

So last night I gazed at heaven, in the calm when all was still,
Saw a billion souls all dancing as they as they lit the darkened hills,
And today I saw a robin looking through my window pane,
I felt an arm around me, I swear someone called my name.

So I face each day with confidence for I know I’m not alone,
And I treasure each and every day until my time will come,
Though the road be long I’ll carry on, in treasuring this life,
As loved ones they watch over me, each morning, noon and night.

So friend if you feel broken and you feel that there’s no hope,
Don’t hide away your feelings for there’s friendly hands to hold.
There’s an answer to your sorrow and there’s love to ease your mind,
To help you live life to the full, you’ll not be left behind.

Just look up to the heavens when the night is calm and still,
And watch the dancing stars at night that twinkle o’er the hills,
Let each and every one you see bring loved ones to your mind,
As they watch and guide you in the morning, noon and in the night.

Image | The Poisoned Bridge, Poisoned Glen, Co Donegal | Hibernia Landscapes by Stephen Wallace

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