#OTD in 1881 – Birth of William Pearse, brother of Pádraig, in Dublin.

Pádraig’s younger brother was also educated at Westland Row and was a promising sculptor. He founded the Leinster Stage Society and acted in the Abbey Theatre. William shared his brother’s dream for an independent Ireland and assisted him at St Enda’s. The two brothers fought alongside each other in the GPO.

Although not a ringleader, William was executed on 4 May 1916 because of evidence he was ‘associated with the Sinn Féin movement from its inception’, and he was Pádraig Pearse’s brother. Pearse Station on Westland Row in Dublin was re-named in honour of the two brothers in 1966.

Featured Image | William Pearse chats to his brother Padraig before the Rising | Courtesy Pearse Museum/Kilmainham Gaol


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