US Infrastructure and the extraordinary legacy of Irish-American Immigrants

Irish people have always of course had a special relationship with America with over 10% of Americans reporting Irish ancestry. What we hear less about is the role the Irish played in building America but luckily this infographic from Claddagh Rings gives us some insight into their work in building some of America’s most celebrating constructions.

For example, many people don’t know the story of the Empire State Building. The whole idea for the Empire State Building came from a proud Irish American named Al Smith, who had lost the U.S presidential election in 1928. He began the construction on St. Patrick’s Day 1930.

Of course, these large constructions didn’t come without their problems. For example, many Irish Americans lost their lives in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge due to a lack of knowledge about compressed air amongst contractors.

The reality is these Irish Americans worked long hours in tough conditions to survive. This hard work deserves special mention as the America as we know it today may not exist without them. Read all about it in the infographic.


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