‘A Field Of Irish Daisies’ © Joe Canning 2018. All Rights Reserved.

‘A Field Of Irish Daisies’
© Joe Canning 2018. All Rights Reserved.
In a field of Irish daisies,
On a calm Atlantic day,
I held my love in soft embrace,
And words of love did say.
I heard her sigh and ask me why,
Our day of love should pass,
And in a whispered tender tone
I promised it would last.
I tasted sweetness in her lips,
I felt the salted tears,
That trickled down her rosy cheeks,
As the parting hour did near,
For a sailor on the morrow,
I would sail the rambling seas,
And watch her wave from sloping hill,
‘Til horizon swallowed me.
I ne’er did think our wanton hearts,
Would e’er unite as one
As bond did we on mountain field,
Beneath that passioned sun,
I weaved a ring of Daisies
That crowned her graceful head,
And in the midst of ecstasy
We kissed on nature’s bed.
We rose and walked in silence
In the company of the bee
Escorted by the butterfly
Across the sumptuous field.
I left her by her father’s gate,
Released her lily hand,
What sadness passed between us,
When that time of parting came.
I wrote my lover’s letters
To my darling of the field,
I kept my parting promise
And to her returned in speed.
My love she cried oh promise me
We ne’er shall part again,
And where we stood in tight embrace
Was truly lovers lane.
‘Tis only me and Maisie now
Our birds have flown the nest,
The tabby she lies at my feet
In this house of love that’s blessed.
The hillside’s still a treasured place
Where I still walk with Maisie,
But feeble hands they still entwine,
In our Field of Irish Daisies.


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