#OTD in 1916 – Pádraig Pearse wrote an entry into a Manifesto on this date.

‘I desire now, lest I may not have an opportunity later, to pay homage to the gallantry of the soldiers of Irish Freedom who have during the past four days been writing with fire and steel the most glorious chapter in the later history of Ireland. Justice can never be done to their heroism, to their discipline, to their gay and unconquerable spirit in the midst of peril and death. Let me, who have led them into this speak, in my own and my fellow Commanders’ names, and in the name of Ireland present and to come, their praise, and ask those who come after them to remember them.

P.H. Pearse
Commandant General Commanding-in-Chief, the army of the Irish Republic and President of the Provisional Government

Image credit | 1916 Easter Revolution in Colour

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