#OTD in 1807 – Birth of Sir Charles Edward Trevelyan, 1st Baronet, KCB, a British civil servant and Governor of Madras.

Trevelyan is referred to in the modern Irish folk song The Fields of Athenry about ‘An Gorta Mór’. For his actions, he is commonly considered one of the most detested figures in Irish history, along with the likes of Cromwell.

Image | Charles Trevelyan accompanied by a poem written by Joe Canning

Friends of Ireland! Please take the time to consider supporting this very important petition.

Irish Holocaust – Not Famine. The Push to educate in facts.

We can now prove beyond doubt that more food than was required to feed the Irish people during the period (1845-1850), was exported out of Irish ports under armed guard. This is not a petition of Acrimony, Discord or Hate, this is a petition for Truth! Please sign with your family, and ask your friends and their families to consider.

In Proud and Loving memory of our Forefathers, and the Truth that our Children Deserve.


#AnGortaMór #TheGreatHunger



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