#OTD in 1771 – Birth in Dublin of Thomas Reynolds, United Irishman whose information enabled authorities to arrest the Leinster Committee in 1798.

Thomas Reynolds was a United Irishman whose information enabled authorities to arrest Leinster Committee in 1798. It was as a direct result of a crucial meeting at Frescati on 24 February 1798, that Lord Edward Fitzgerald’s revolutionary plans were betrayed by Thomas Reynolds.

By March 1798, the United Irishmen had been infiltrated by spies. At this time, members of the Leinster Committee were arrested. Lord Edward Fitzgerald escaped and went on the run. However an informer, attracted by the £1000 reward, was responsible for Fitzgerald’s arrest in Dublin’s Thomas Street on the 19 May. He shot one of his attackers, in his attempt to escape, but he received a gunshot wound in the process. He died later from his untreated injuries in Newgate Prison on the 4 June.

Moral of the story: Ni neart go cur le ch́eile! There is no strength without unity!

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