#OTD in 1766 – Four pirates are found guilty in Dublin of murdering on the high seas.

On Saturday, 1 March 1766, four pirates were tried in the Dublin Admiralty Court and found guilty of murdering on the high seas Captain Cochrane, Captain Glass and others; also of plundering and scuttling the good ship Lord Sandwich. On the following Monday they were executed in St Stephen’s Green. As the court, had ordered that after the sentence was executed their bodies should be ‘hanged in chains,’ two of the corpses were gibbeted on ‘the Piles below the Blockhouse in Poolbeg,’ and the other two on ‘the New (South) Wall, below McCarrell’s Wharf.’ The latter two, however, proved a disagreeable sight to the Dublin citizens who ‘walked there for amusement and health,’ and they called for the removal of ‘this eyesore.’ Their request was granted, and on All Fool’s Day the offending bodies were removed to Dalkey Island, where they were fixed in “new irons.” –The Irish Times, 31 January 1930.

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