‘Mary Lou’ © Joe Canning 2018. All Rights Reserved.

‘Mary Lou’
© Joe Canning 2018. All Rights Reserved.
(A play on an old song – ‘Hello Mary Lou’)
Hello Mary Lou, take them apart
Sweet Mary Lou we all depend on you
I know Mary Lou, you’re very smart,
So come on Mary Lou break Arlene’s heart.
We’ll all wake up some sunny day
When that damned border’s gone away
And Ireland will be free for evermore,
For you’re not one that skips around
You’ll win back Ireland’s stolen ground,
That’s all I need to hear for me to say;
[Chorus 1]
Hello Mary Lou; You’ve made a start,
Sweet Mary Lou we all believe in you,
We’ll have the Irish in our schools
No more will we be seen as fools
So Hello Mary Lou break some hearts.
Belfast will be like Port na Blágh,
Ballymena like Armagh,
And London will be long from Derry gone,
Thwarted will be racist plans,
United will be Ireland
So Hello Mary Lou break Arlene’s heart.
We’ll see Arlene some sunny day
In a library chair in Ballybofey
Reading books with Irish words galore
She’ll be learning Gaelic every night,
With Dodds and Gregory by her side,
All eating curried yoghurts by the score.
[Chorus 2]
And so Hello Mary Lou here’s the craic,
We’re sure someday we’ll get our language act,
For it’s true Mary Lou, we believe in you,
And you know Mary Lou, That’s a fact.




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