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Depression, a major depressive disorder, is the second leading reason of death 15 to 29 years old by commit suicide. A rising issue of depression in the world is unfortunately a very common and serious mental health condition that can happen at all ages.More than 300 million people diagnose with depression every year globally according to World Health Organization February 2017 report. In India,10 million people diagnose with depression every year and mostly of them are women, children and younger generation.So what is the reason of being depressed in childhood or in young age? We know the answer competition, unemployment, poverty. But how these affect us mentally..? Are we not able to take any mental pressure? Or are those people who suffering from depression are weaker than us??

My reply is no, those people are as mentally strong as we are. Those guys who suffer from…

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    1. I reblogged it as another author forwarded it on to me. Ireland has the highest rate of suicide in young females across Europe and the second highest rate of suicide in young males. At 5.12 male deaths per 100,000 of children aged 0-19, Ireland had the second highest rate of suicide across Europe, but lacks a national strategy on prevention.


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