“Memories Set In Stone” © Mac 2017. All Rights Reserved.

“Memories Set In Stone”
© Mac 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Meals and memories were made here.
This little house has seen love year after year.
The years have seen love, laughter, the odd fight
And, of course, many a late nite,
With the whiskey flowing the craic always going.

There was music played and many a song,
Sure that was the plan every night and all year-long.
The logs were cut and turf piled high
‘Cause here in Ireland it’s the fire that keeps a session alive.
For the smell of bread and the cosy heat,

It was this that made those little hearts beat
Then brought about the patter of tiny little feet.
Then time rolled on the family moved away
But these stones set with love
They are still standing strong day after day.

After all this time those walls stand on,
If those walls could talk, they would sing you a song.
It’s in the stones, its heart and life,
For a glimpse of those days to see into its life,
Now that would make another great song to sing by the fire light.

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