In Honour of my Grandfather, Michael Prendergast (1886-1968)

(Submitted by Noelene Prendergast)

While working as an Intelligence Officer for Michael Collins Squad, my grandfather, Michael Prendergast, was also responsible for finding safe houses for those on the run and storing or transporting munitions. He was arrested in 1919 and taken to Cork Goal. He was charged under Section 9e of D.O.R.A. His elderly Father, Henry travelled to Cork to assist his release but was unsuccessful.

He was court-martialled and sentenced to execution by firing squad. With his back to the wall and a line of soldiers in front of him ready to fire, they discovered he was wearing American Army trousers. That parcel from America sent by his brother, George, actually saved his life. Even though they spared him they didn’t release him immediately. He remained in Cork Goal until November 1920.

Michael documented details of his activities for the years 1916-1922 in his letters to the Minister for Defence when applying for his Service Pension, otherwise this information would have been lost.

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