‘Born to Run’, Patrick St, Co Cork

We said that any and all ideas as to where this woman was running from or running to would be gratefully accepted! Best (so far) is from John Spooner who said:

‘It’s not a woman, but a man in women’s clothing who has just used this disguise to rob a bank. She/He is desperately trying to escape the clutches of justice, and, not being completely au fait with how the new electric trams work, is about to hijack the tram and demand that it takes her/him to foreign parts.’

And thanks to Niall McAuley for helping us to more accurately date this photo. Niall found that there was an International Exhibition in Cork in 1902. And the largest flag in this photo is seen gaily waving in this Mitchell and Kenyon 1902 Cork film.

Photo courtesy of National Library of Ireland


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