This above all: To thine own self be true. #quote

Oíche mhaith agaibh. Goodnight from Stair na hÉireann.

Galley Head Lighthouse, Rathbarry, Co Cork, Captive Landscapes by Stephen Emerson



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2 thoughts on “This above all: To thine own self be true. #quote

  1. Please help me and tell me if I’ve made a terrible mistake. Today, after I emailed a sensational photograph with thought provoking words (from your email posts) to my daughter, she commented something like they were so worthy and uplifting she wondered why she didn’t see more of them on the internet. A bit later, the horrifying thought came to me that I believed I was asked in some sign-up list online, to NOT post their subscriber’s content on line. At the time, I totally disregarded the idea, because I would never post anything not in public domain ( I have posted some Buddha mantras ) but, without the owners permission, I wouldn’t put my own kids pic on there without asking first. My dilemma is, is passing your email to family on a private txt the same to you ( ie: passing on) the same to you as posting main stream internet ? ? I have tried to check all your email input to me, I can not find it, or lost it. IS THIS YOUR POLICY, will I lose my privileges to your incredibly and generous site ? ? Maybe I’m confusing it with my Gaeilge site. Whatever this outcome, I will continue to wade through all my emails searching for an answer si I will them tape a prominent reminder/note to remind me of my obligation. Thank you, I am truly sorry if I have indeed been foolish enough not to have heeded someone’s policy, worse, loose my subscriber privilege due to said actions. Patty Chinetti , a devoted fan from Boston MA. U.S.A (no excuses; I’ll settle down and (hope) to think clearly again once my brain’s paralyzation over the USA’s national election results eases, (hopefully before we’re at war, home or abroad) not a pretty picture in the streets around here ! !° Sent from my iPad


    1. Patricia, no worries, the copyright applies to professional use and not personally sharing, including other photographers that are used by this site. All the best, Pádraig

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