‘The Sparrow, the Crow and the Hawks’ © Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

‘The Sparrow, the Crow and the Hawks’
© Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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“I must destroy this barrier,
said the sparrow to the crow,
and free the birds ensnared
within their nests.
’tis time they stretched their wings
and leapt unto their freedom,
but I see you dither idly like the rest.

Perhaps it is your friends the hawks,
that I should be addressing?
But I fear their hawkish wings;
are clipped like yours,
while wastes away the fledglings,
in a toxic captive state
Fed upon false promises for years.

But in good time those angry birds
will rip your nests asunder,
as fury brings you tumbling to the ground,
and wingless you will stagger
from your vile corrupted aviaries,
ejected from your nests of feathered down.

With greed you harvest power
and it keeps you flying high,
all waffling, all nonsensical
in the house that’s full of lies.
and still you watch them daily,
all seeking flights of freedom,
trapped within that northern nest,
and you are loathe to free them.

And though I’m but a sparrow,
there are many birds like me,
just watching and just awaiting
to flee their captive tree,
So I suggest you wake the hawks
within your coalition
and warn them that the others need,
their longed for flight to freedom”.

Image: Leinster House, Dublin, Mac Creative Photography


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