Midnight in Nightown

February 2nd 1922: Monto, the nickname for Europe’s biggest red light district of the era… a hub of activity in the heart of Dublin City. Stories told and secrets shared by the notorious and colourful characters of this extraordinary place; The Monto… including Honour Bright’s secret love affair with W.B. Yeats, Featuring comedy, dance, live music and Joyce celebrating the release of his just published masterpiece Ulysses.

Friday, the 11th of November is opening night for the world premier of Midnight in Nightown.
Guided from the extensive research of ‘Monto’ expert Terry Fagan we present a show based on Dublin’s historical roots, featuring the best of Irish theatrical talent; Lisa Byrne ,(Alice in Funderland Abbey Theatre) Lisa Fox (Once, Olympia Theatre) Nichola Mac Evilly (The Wake, Abbey Theatre), Rex Ryan (The Bug, Viking Theatre), Tom Moran (The Heart of Europe).

Guests can get the full Midnight in Nightown experience every Friday night with tickets available from €55 including a full three course meal from the á la carte menu. For reservations book now at Magistorium box office on 22 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, off Grafton street or telephone 01 7079899. Open daily from 10am, or online http://www.magistorium.com or eventbrite.ie.


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