‘The Lost Child Of Will Houston’s Lane’ © Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

‘The Lost Child Of Will Houston’s Lane’
© Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.


You may call me a fool or a dreamer,
But one night going home to my shack,
There wasn’t an air to the evening,
’til I felt a cold breath on my back.
I stopped there and then at that moment,
I felt a sweet breath touch my neck,
And the vision I saw there before me,


Is a sight I will never forget.
The night it was pitch black and silent,
Before me there, floating serene,
A lady in white, stood out clear in the night,
For some reason I felt she chose me.
She ne’er said a word as she hovered,
She floated as flickering flame,
So I asked who she was and she answered,
“I’m the lost child of Will Houston’s Lane”.


Long years since this world I’ve departed,
Fear not Sir! I mean you no harm,
My tale I will tell if a moment you’ll dwell,
And my hope is your heart will be warm.
It was here that the soldiers came on me,
and doomed me to eternal shame,
Such was the shame, they took my good name,
And cruel clergy refused to absolve me.


My father in anger disowned me,
My mother could not change his mind,
He threw me from home, condemned me to roam,
and declared loud, “She’s no child of mine”.
To the road I was banished forever,
but my innocence I still proclaim,
Find sir a priest that can free me,
Oh banish this eternal pain”.


For a moment I thought I was dreaming,
But I felt a soft touch on my arm,
As softly she cried in the birthing moonlight,
Her ghost teardrop fell on my arm.
I followed her plea to the letter,
The good Father freed her from chains,
Oh may she sleep deep in innocence sweet,
Dear lost child of Will Houston’s Lane.

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