‘Final Lullaby’ © Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

‘Final Lullaby’
© Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

“Hush love hush, Mavourneen rest your eyes,
Hush love hush, and rest you for a while.
Hush love hush, I will always be with you,
Hush love hush, your reward awaits for you.

I am here, and with you I share these tears,
I am here, as we end these golden years,
I am here, just as you would be for me,
I am here, as you leave for valleys green.

Smile love smile, at this easing of your pain,
Smile love smile, as your life begins again,
Smile love smile, for our love is strong and true,
Smile love smile, for the joys awaiting you.

Dream love dream, and ease thy troubled breath,
Dream love dream, as I hold you to my breast,
Dream love dream, as His chariot comes for you,
Dream love dream, as it comes from heaven blue.

Hush love hush, be not sad that you must go,
Hush love hush, as you leave for heaven’s door,
Dream love dream, as we whisper our farewells,
Smile love smile, know again with you I’ll dwell.

Fly love fly, now you’ve slipped away from me,
Fly love fly, to that place reserved for thee.
Hush love hush, as you hear those sweet refrains,
Watch o’er me till we clasp hands once again.


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