‘The Waters Of Shimna’ © Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

‘The Waters Of Shimna’
© Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Oh flow ye sweet river, flow ye from mount Ott,
and wash ye the face of the Mournes.
Oh flow ye sweet river ‘oer mossy faced rock
cascade ye in glorious forms
Where once I did dander with Nell on my arm,
on days when love’s whispers ye hushed,
Oh flow ye sweet river through mountainy glen,
where dreams can come true or be crushed.

Flow gently sweet Shimna, flow down to the sea,
and dance when the dark clouds have emptied,
wrap ye the roe that are born in thy womb,
from the salmon that leapt in their plenty.
Please ye the boatman that rows in thy pools,
where once the proud castle did stand,
and slip gently past to the shore at Dundrum,
to be wrapped in the waiting sea’s arms.

Wash ye well also, the landscapes of Down,
and polish ye pebble and rock
Catch ye the leaves from the forests of trees,
and swirl them in pools as you waltz
Flow lovely Shimna in anger and peace,
o’er the rapids, through valley and lea
flow from thy birthplace away on the mount,
Oh! thy face is a blessing to see.

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Photo: The Shimna River, Tollymore Forest Park, Co Down, Photography by Jarlath Gray


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