The Priest’s chair (Glenshane mass rock), Glenshane Forest, Limvady, Co Derry

Bohilbreaga Hill (Buachaill Bréige)

The origin of this mountain’s name, and indeed the mass rock itself, is from The Penal Times of the 17th and 18th centuries. The mountain’s name, An Buachaill Bréige; the lying boy, derived from an incident when The Red Coats were dispatched to hunt down a priest. Local tradition refers to a young boy, who was posted atop the mountain as a lookout, who was then questioned by the searching soldiers to the whereabouts of the mass rock and therefore the location of the priest. Essentially, the boy told them he knew where the priest was, but pointed them in a different direction, most likely in the direction of the Faughan or Glenelly river valleys, therefore, protecting the priest from capture. The mountain name supposedly immortalises the incident.


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