‘The Celeb In The Square’ © Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

‘The Celeb In The Square’
© Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

The town was quiet, after all it was three in the morning.
I sat talking to myself on a cold hard stone.
Nine sheets to the wind, or drunk, whatever your description.
I was in the company of a celebrity in his sobriety.
I said plenty, he said nothing. He was smaller than I thought;
My harassment of the quiet gentleman continued.

I was convinced he was not impressed with my company.
I looked across the square, no taxis. I would have to walk.
I heard a voice say, “Wait a while”, it wont be long now.
I was getting colder and the rain was coming; I told him;
“I wish I had a coat like the one you’re wearing”.
He said nothing. I sat and thought, “This guy’s weird ”

“Not very sociable are you? Not got much to say, have you”?
Damned rude I thought, to hell with him. No point in going home.
The queen of my castle had already raised the drawbridge.
I looked at the wrist of my lost watch. the quiet man said, “4am”
A taxi graced the rank, I offered him a lift, he said nothing.
I bade my not very talkative friend ‘good morning’ and left.

I did manage a bed that night, courtesy of our wonderful police force.
Next day I went back to my watering hole for more of the same.
“I like the company you keep! said the sarcastic bartender,
your friend never says much but he’s always there, Look”!
I peered over the half frosted window pane and there he was.
I raised my glass to an author on his plinth and toasted Flann O’Brien.
Later, I walked past him and winked, I could swear he winked back.

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Photo: Flann O’Brien Statue (designed and made by Cork based artist Holger Lönze), Strabane, Co Tyrone

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